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IniLibrary provides full support for Ini files. It makes easier to read, modify and save Ini files. It was written using System.Xml as a model.

Simple and developer-friendly usage

// Create a new instance of IniDocument
IniDocument doc = new IniDocument();

// Load the content from file (or from a TextReader, or from a Stream)

// Create a new section
IniSection section = new IniSection("MySection");

// Add a new parameter to my section
    new IniParameter("MyParameter", "MyValue") {
        Description = "Some text"

// Add a section to the document

// Access sections and parameters by their names
doc.Sections["MySection"].Parameters["MyParameter"].Value = value;

// Save the content to a TextWriter (or to a Stream, or to a file)

Quick start guide

Ini Language Service for Visual Studio

You can download the Visual Studio 2010 extension here:

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